“Undo the Goo” and Beyond

After having completed the Earth Heart *ET Heart Healing Project Series, I have since shared it with a few participants who had attended a few of my past workshops. Their reactions and insights have tickled me to the point that it seems only fitting to share one of those discussions, in particular. Following is that exchange.

Upon reviewing the Earth Heart handouts, this individual promptly said with exuberance, “Oh, now I get what you meant in your ‘Earth Heart’ teaching… It should be called ‘undo the goo’ instead.”

Why is that?” I asked. She proceeded to say, in so many words, that she felt like the lower vibrational energy hanging around the heart space is very much like a sticky gooey hair gel. “Once you have that stuff on your hair it is difficult to remove it!” Her recap was perfect. The purpose and aim of the Earth Heart workshops are to provide an individual with the techniques to “undo the goo” so that the emotional heart can be released with light and happiness.

Her recap I absolutely love because the first part of the Earth Heart Series is to focus on untangling the gooey emotions in and around the heart space, recharge/renew it with peace, love and joy, as well as to help keep it clear from getting gooey again. Once that heart clearing is accomplished, then it is onto the next phase of the Earth Heart Series, which is to work with frequency tools to aid in connecting with higher dimensions.

I believe that the ultimate reward for an individual, on their soul’s journey, is to discover the unique gifts that are available to them from a higher source as they walk the path of self-discovery. The tools explored in the Earth Heart Series provide insight on how each individual can utilize those tools to raise their vibrational resonance or frequency to access those unique gifts and sources.

She went on to ask, “And why do you put an asterisk (*) before ‘ET’ in the Earth Heart Series? What is meant by an ‘*ET Heart’?” Both very good questions. In keeping with the theory of “like attracts like”, when an individual connects with the vibration of love, they can then connect with a higher power/source of the same resonance or vibration. These “higher powers or sources” can be as simple as angelic beings, spirit guides, highly evolved ancestors, star beings, aka extraterrestrials (ETs), to name a few. My personal experience when raising my vibrational frequency, over time and a dedicated practice, has offered me teachings from those higher sources or realms – such as some energetic healing techniques not of this world.

And in an attempt to honor the gifts/information offered me from these higher realm(s) while in a meditative and/or higher vibrational state, I hold, in my mind’s eye, these beings wearing a “Love” pendant in their energy field. And it is this very picture that is my inspiration for the workshop series name: Earth Heart *ET Heart Healing Project. An overview of the program Series is noted below:

 Earth Heart ~ “Undo the Goo”

1. The Power of Love

2. The 3 Portals or Channels (Belly, Heart, Forehead)

3. The Lab Work – Taking the Pilgrimage journey to transform the Heart Fire

 *ET Heart ~ working with frequency tools & higher dimensions

4. Healing Harmonics ~ Soul Frequency, Sound Healing Tools, and a Little Concert

5. The Lab Work ~ a Soul Frequency Pilgrimage to transform the Heart Fire

6. The Portal of Ascension ~ Working with the 3rd Eye

7. The Lab Work ~ Entering the Midway Point of the Paradigm Shift

8. The *ET Heart ~ Working with the Paradigm Shift

You can go to http://www.shiangs-bodywork.com/aboutworkshops.html to check out the brief introductions for each workshop of the Series, as well as the dates, time and location.

As your “tour guide” for this program, I extend a sincere welcome to you and with warm greetings from the higher dimensions. This program is dedicated to the brave souls who want to redefine their life’s path and obtain clarity and guidance from a higher source. Its focus is to also offer a way to reside, in a more consistent way, in the vibration of love, to experience the magic of synchronicity and to deepen the feelings of peace and joy.

Please join me when your heart is ready to experience the paradigm shift.

Earth Heart *ET Heart

Over the past few years I have been teaching people from a shamanic perspective in the Peruvian tradition about the concepts of the vibration of love and to embrace the magical power of ayni, reciprocal love. We have been utilizing different earth modalities (i.e., breathing techniques, aromatherapy, and sacred dance) to release lower vibrations trapped in the body so that our energy field can be clear once again. We then fill in the heart space with the vibration of love so that we can connect with higher powers and more efficiently to send our prayers.

However, a few days after coming to the workshops, reality sets in and people tend to slide downward toward lower vibrational traps. They struggle to get back to the moment of ecstasy achieved in the higher dimensions and to re-establish their spiritual connections. Confusion and frustration starts to emerge from the subconscious mind. Even though workshop attendees could use earth modalities and techniques to maintain a higher vibration, they do so with limited result.

Well, the complaints sound familiar to me. Indeed, it happens after almost in every workshop in the past by any given teachers. I have frequently received lots of questions on how I navigate with ease my life on the earth plane and the spiritual worlds. After a few deep soul searching journeys, including 2 trips to Alaska, and meditations to meet with my spirit guides and power animals, I finally have my two cents to share with everyone on how I easily keep balance between earthly and spiritual planes.

In my newly launched program series, Earth Heart * ET Heart, we will be learning and revisiting the conventional earth modalities through a shamanic approach from the ancient wisdom in order to release the lower vibrations in the heart space as well as in the energy field and to restore the vibration of love. In this way we can walk on the earth with the beauty of grace and ease. Additionally, we will be learning the concept of frequency, home note, and the great healing frequency of 528 hz, the vibration of love, which allows us to uplift and nurture the spirit in a much more effective way. Furthermore, we will be working with the paradigm shift in mind, body, and spiritual levels. We will practice transitioning from earth frequency to the light body molecules, which I call the ET Heart. At this level we are able to fully anchor the frequency of 528 hz in the heart space as well as utilize new found gifts such as intuition and healing. Telepathic communication occurs instantly between ourselves and the higher powers because we are now in their channels.

As we are able to achieve the level of the ET Heart and then apply the principles back to our earth path, we will understand the concept of simplicity in life full circle. Things become much easier and simpler to deal with on the earth plane with less attachment.

If you are interested in finding a new way to walk on the earth with the vibration of love and wish to connect with the higher powers in a profound manner, please join me and other friends (small group only) on Saturday, September 16, 2017, at the Civic Center Library, Scottsdale, AZ, from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. We will be learning the basic concept of frequency, home note, sound healing tools and we will have a little concert. There will be a follow up class on Saturday, September 30, 2017, at the same location from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM in which we will encourage a paradigm shift and will embark on a pilgrimage of the heart fire transformation.

For detailed information on the Earth Heart * ET Heart 2017 workshops, please go to http://shiangs-bodywork.com/aboutworkshops.html. Thanks for your interest!

Please stay tuned for more basic level Earth Heart classes and advanced level ET Heart frequency healing classes to be held in 2018.

“May the force be with you”

Perhaps you woke up this morning on the wrong side of bed, feeling the whole day already awkward. Perhaps you feel like you are not living on the same page with other people and things are not flowing quite right as you leave the house each morning. Additionally, you might have seen the worst driver on the road or the most chaotic news in the media in recent months. Well, this feels yucky for sure. You might want to ask, “What’s wrong with the world?”

Indeed, there are many answers on why the current world is suffering from unruly structure. The loud voices of hatred and darkness have dominated the news most of the time. Yet, there is another band of small voices somewhere exhibiting a gentle force showing the genuine vibration of love that leads people with hope and healing towards the light. The small voices serve as a guiding light to dive into the land of darkness.

People who carry the torch of the gentle force are the ones embracing the genuine vibration of love. Artists in many disciplines, such as light workers and musicians, are the ones holding the torch of love to deliver the healing power of peace into human hearts. In this way we can see the light once again.

So, how are we going to feel the vibration of love? Is it similar to the Force in the Star Wars movie as Princess Leia would tell the Jedi and fighter pilots before going into battle? Or is it the Force described in the Jedi training manual that allows Jedi to focus their minds in order to move a light saber in a moment of emergency? Or is it like the force that the ET holds to be able to heal the wounds of earth’s humans?

If you can experience the force of love, you will be amazed in a profound way at its power. In my opinion, the force is 528 hz. The frequency carries the vibration of love and repairs our DNA. It is also the frequency that allows the heart to deliver the vibration of love to the third eye so that we can connect with higher powers such as angelic beings and higher-vibration ETs in the fifth dimension and beyond. By immersing ourselves in the frequency of 528 hz we will become more intuitive in our personal spiritual development.

How do we generate the frequency of 528 hz in the heart space? The sound of the frequency can be generated from 528 hz tuning forks, sound tubes, or frequency-emitting smartphone apps and web sites. All you need to do is to meditate with the frequency and take deep breaths. You might need to work on letting go of negative emotions in your heart space and afterwards replenishing the void with nurturing and love. If you work on this project for a few months, later you might be able to generate your own 528 hz frequency in your energy field without using a training device.

In order to allow the force of 528 hz in the heart space to remain resilient in a world of chaos, here are a few pointers to help keep us moving forward like Jedi:

Don’t “cry over spilled milk”.

Be in the present moment aligned with the force to keep you grounded.

Be able to listen to inner voice guidance.

Be flexible.

Be able to discern with mental clarity.

Stay with deep peace and calm spirit as much as possible to allow you to weather storms with grace and ease.

Be humble with experiences. There is a higher power orchestrating the plot and we don’t know the whole story yet.

Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for who you are.

“May the Force be with you!”

The La La Land Movie and Your Soul’s Journey

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What Is My Secret Sauce?


People often ask me on how I keep my energy up all the time without feeling tired when working for long hours each day. Some jokingly ask me if I add a little “Secret Sauce” to my food?! My answer is simple—just plug in to the source and you will become an energized bunny until you sign off later. Hum… sounds like mission impossible to most of the people, yet to me it is just like a prolonged “walking” meditation that is submerged in the vibration of love. In this way, I can directly connect with the source.
So then…what is the secret sauce here or that special “something”? What allows me to How can I plug in to the source? It is the frequency we call the vibration of Divine love, which is 432 hertz for the common music scale or 528 for the Solfeggio scale. Why is this frequency so special that I would consider it as the magic portal? Based on my personal experiences, I can tell you that bathing in the vibration of divine love feels like…

Being loved and nurtured all the time by the higher powers – in truth we each are , even you are alone by with ourselves all the time.

Where the Jedi operates in their heart with love AND no fear.

Being in the space where the force from the higher powers can come and assist you to move up to the higher dimensions

It’s the place of Ayni; what the Peruvians refer to as the reciprocal love.

It’s the place where the magic of this love (and frequency) can shift your surroundings to support your daily routine with positive vibes.

Knowing how to make right decisions with discernment and the clear channel to connect with the source.

That is how I have been operating for years to be able to navigate my life path.

Many years ago one of my spiritual teachers went on a deep Peruvian mountain journey with his mentor to visit a very remote village. As they arrived at the village, the villagers asked them for the prayers over the rain because of the severe draught in that area. The mentor simply asked for a hut to stay alone, without any disturbance, so that he could perform his ceremony inside. Four days later the rain came. The villagers rejoiced, asking the mentor how he did the magic. The mentor said that when they had approached the village he was feeling so imbalanced and he had to stay in a hut to purify himself in order to get better. When he felt centered once again the rain came afterwards.
I would love to guide you to find the vibration of Divine love for your unique path. However, heart purification is important before we can make any magic happen in our surroundings. It is just like my spiritual teacher’s mentor, who had to do his personal work to center himself first so that the vibration of Divine love could center his heart to make the prayers come true as the magical shift. Tools like breathing, music, toning, aerobic exercises, aromatherapy, movements, etc., are very helpful to bring the physical and emotional heart into a peaceful state. And then we can pursue the next step by opening up the channel from the energy heart center up to the 3rd eye for the connection with the Divine power for prayers and clear vision.
In my workshops I work with the group (individuals) to experience the process of the letting go, as well as the refilling of that love and light into the void. Each workshop is like a small group healing experience, with a supportive environment to aid the individual in this unfolding and emotional journey.

Please go to www.shiangs-bodywork.com/aboutworkshops.html for detailed information on the upcoming workshops on January 28th, February 4th and February 11th, 2017.

The Embarkment Your Soul’s Journey via the Magic of Love

My intention of creating this blog stems from twenty some years ago as I wrote my first term paper as a graduate student on one story character’s life journey in isolation.  I was so intrigued by the hero’s life struggling along with the twists and turns, yet he rode along with the tsumanic like waves with courageous determination that touched my heart so deeply.  In my mid twenties, I wished myself to have some sort of legendary path in the later part of life.  And I have to say this research paper served me well so that I could understand life with deeper appreciation.  Indeed, a few years later right before I graduated from the university, I had embarked my own soul’s journey, looking for the truth of the so-called the right path in life,along with my own life story’s ups and downs, as well as life miracles happening to me.

Yet I always reflected back to the story character I wrote the term paper on, finding the positive vibes I could relate to each time I found myself stuck in situations.  Indeed, I have gained valuable lessons on my life path.  After so many years of feeling unsettled in my heart, I found the secret of my own– to be able to create a healing community around me to support my clients’ life paths in physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

In my current role I serve as a massage therapist, energy healer, shaman, as well as an educator.  I am actively helping with my clients’ physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual needs.  Frequently I kept bumping into similar issues in my clients’ troubled emotions which were affecting on their physical bodies.  Additionally, they also were having issues with not being able to make clear decisions on the right path in life.  In other words, people got trapped in the lower vibrational issues in their hearts and they needed assistance to move upward to find the peace, love, joy, and harmony once again in life.

The purpose of creating this blog is to share my two cents on the vibration of love in all levels, which is the fundamental key element to shifting your life situation to a more positive and desirable place, with the events of synchronicity.  This is what the Peruvian shamans know, operating their magic life secret path. Fortunately, I have been learning and traveling this secret path for many years on my shamanic path.

Here, you might have questions on what the concept of the vibration of love is and how to implement this concept in your everyday routine.  I will elaborate more on this in my later posts.

For this post, I would like to briefly introduce the benefit of having the pure essence of the vibration of love in the heart.  The concept of love itself includes self love, love between two people, love among the family and the community at large, as well as the love on the whole planetary scale.  As the energy of our heart is clear, it is free from the turbulence and we can operate and function like being in the aircraft 30,000 feet above the ground level with clarity to operate the daily life routine. Additionally, we might be able to override the astrological planetary influence most of the time.  By doing so we can have more access to the higher powers to be able to connect with them when saying prayers.

Last year as I was on my way back from my overseas journey, the captain made an announcement as the plane reached up to the 30,000 feet level.  He said, “Let’s enjoy the ride for now and leave the unhappy world underneath behind!”  So true!

I am currently conducting workshops regularly taking small groups of people for the authentic healing experience with various tools to let go of the lower vibrations first and then refill the heart space with peace, love, joy and harmony. The upcoming workshops are on January 28th, February 4th, and February 11th, 2017, in different subjects.  Please go to www.shiangs-bodywork.com/aboutworkshops.html for detailed information.

Thanks for your loving support on this new blog post.  Please feel free to connect with us for comments and questions.  Here, I am sending the purest essence love from my heart to yours, wishing you to be able to fulfill your new year’s resolutions with grace and ease from the beginning of 2017!